Saturday, January 1, 2011

Old Spice Sesame-ed

Okay so you might have seen this already, but there's no logical reason why you shouldn't see it again. It's an oldie but a goodie as they say (geeks, I mean. Geeks say that).

Yes, this guy is good, but like everything in life, Grover does it better. He's got that something that's so hard to find these days:

You see, there is a certain stereotype with buff, manly black guys that I suppose some women find very appealing for some strange reason. But you know what? Blue men are the manliest of all manly men. Or Muppet creatures... Whatever. 

Just look at Tobias from Arrested Development: he might not be a Muppet, but when he joined the blue man group his manliness went up 2000%, not to mention his never-nude cut offs (wondering where I get my facts? Click here.)And that, my friend, is a stereotype that I will gladly stand behind.

But as Grover only did the one Old Spice parody, we'll just have to be satisfied with these other ones, no matter that this Old Spice actor can't quite compare. I realize by posting these I am inadvertently advertising for Old Spice. However, if it encourages anyone who previously did not wear deodorant to go out and take that plunge, well, I'll find great satisfaction in knowing I have contributed to my community.