Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lego: Artwork, Repairs, or Both?

I have to give the credit for this post to my pastor. Anyone can include Lego in their sermon, but how many can do it successfully? Think about it.

The Art of the Brick

I'm no psychologist, but I think Nathan Sawaya might 
have some closeted feelings he's trying to get out.
To keep with my Lego theme (refer to post Star Wars and The Matrix in Lego), these are the works of Nathan Sawaya which can be found on his website The Art of the Brick, and they are all lifesize. They also may or may not be real people buried alive in a Lego coating. That would explain why they are so good, but I have not been able to get confirmation on that yet. If somebody emailed me asking, "Do you use real dead people in your art? 'Cause that's not cool," I would be sure to respond right away, so as not to go to prison.

Zombie man. Hmmm. 
I think my suspicions have just been confirmed.
"Hi, I'm trapped in carbonite" man, AKA Han Solo.
Dude should go to the doctor.
Whoops... How'd that happen.

Who knows who this is supposed to be. If only it said his full name.


Now this is where the line between practical and artwork gets seriously crossed. If you are in need of some building repairs, well, Jan Vormann can do that for you, and he can make it look good. But it will cost you, in dignity and Monopoly money. This is not a DIY project people, this is real and this is professional and doing it yourself could really mess with your color scheming and architecture. It's the kind of technical work that should be done by professional caulkers and architects, otherwise you could end up with some flimsy infrastructure and *POW* you've got a law suit on your hands, as well as the blood of your entire family, including the dog.

Jan travels the world repairing buildings with Lego and getting locals to contribute, you know, a fairly legitimate business. These are all from his website Dispatchwork

Toulouse, France
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Barcelona, Catalunian Empire
Barcelona, Catalunian Empire
Zürich, Switzerland
Lausanne, Switzerland
Basel, Switzerland

Arnsberg, Germany
Basel, Switzerland
Berlin, Germany
Quito, Ecuador
Tel Aviv, Israel
Belgrade, Serbia
New York, USA

Århus, Denmark
London, England

Genk, Belguim
Bocchignano, Italy

I ask you, people of the world, what can't you do with Lego?

100 foot Lego telephone pole
Lego knitting machine

Lego Volvo

Lego flamethrower. Don't use this at home kids.
Lego PC
Lego Air Conditioner

UPDATE: More Lego genuis:

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