Monday, July 11, 2011

My List of Frees

I am very pleased that Canada Post is finally off their strike. I regret that the children at the Post factory had to be forced back to work by their parents, but I am thankful that the result means that my free Fruit Loops t-shirt from my cereal box codes will finally be in the mail. Like a cruel twist of fate, however, I did not get my t-shirt in time to actually eat Fruit Loops while wearing my special mail-order Fruit Loops t-shirt because I've just started a new wheat-free, sugar-free diet.

But I did find these awesome pictures of Kellogg's old-school cereal "Sugar Smacks" over the years. This is probably the creepest cereal known to man. Notice the frog in the picture says, "Gimme a smack!" which obviously means the cereal is laced with smack, and after a couple days of eating a bowl for breakfast, I'm sure the marketers thought putting a picture of Spock pointing a gun at the children consuming their sugar-coated cocaine was a great idea. And freakish clowns, of course, are always a safe option. But why am I starting a new wheat-free, sugar-free diet? You know what? That's private.