Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Chompo and Olivia's Christmas Adventures

I would like to introduce to you my hamster friends, Chompo and Olivia. I gave them to my mother for Christmas and then decided to capture their fun with my Grade A camera skills. Chompo got his name from the Chompo bar in the book A Birthday for Frances by Russell Hogan. Like Frances' Chompo bar, he fits in your hand perfectly and makes you want to squish him a little and sing a song about it. These are their Christmas adventures.

Chompo and Olivia's Christmas Adventures

'Twas the night before Christmas, and Chompo and Olivia always read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas on the night before Christmas. This particular version was about a mouse family. They felt they could relate to mice more than people.

Chompo, the brown, robust one, was scared of Santa, so he moved a little closer to Olivia. But they were just friends.
That night Olivia had a dream. She dreamt Chompo and her were hanging with some angels. There were trumpets, harps and an angelic choir.
Then Chompo hijacked an angel's reindeer sleigh. That's when she knew it was just a dream. For a moment there she thought she had died in her sleep and gone to hamster heaven.
On Christmas morning they played with their toys and Olivia wore her usual Christmas wreath, hoping Chompo would notice. But boys rarely do.
She got Chompo to take her Christmas portrait to send to her extended hamster family. They would put it on their fridge.
Chompo tried and succeeded to look debonair in his, but he forgot to put down his little toy deer that he couldn't get to sleep without. It was his secret weakness.
The two went scavenging because they were hungry, but it seemed all the food had been turned into sparkling ornaments, which were pretty, but not very filling.

So they explored the Christmas tree instead. Chompo tried to impress Olivia by going for a ride on the partridge. Olivia tried to satisfy her rumbling stomach with the pear. Both met with little success.
Olivia liked the kissing mice, being a romantic by nature.
Most of all she wanted to see the star on top. Chompo gave her a boost. After all, what are hamster friends for?
Olivia took Chompo to pay their hamster respects to the Baby Jesus. Chompo wasn't afraid of the Baby Jesus like he was Santa. On the contrary, he was filled with wonder and love.
Then, Chompo gave Olivia a Christmas kiss under the mistletoe. It turns out he was a romantic too. They weren't just besty hamster friends after all. 
The End.


  1. Wow these little guys have some serious fun after everyone goes to bed. What does Kezzy have to say about all this?

  2. KezzIE has a love-hate relationship with them. She wants to be friends but she also has a strong desire to eat them.

  3. Dear Faith!
    I really like this post! It's so fun, and it's about hamsters, these are my favourite animals. I have a blog about them (www.horcsolde.hu) in Hungarian. I would like to translate this post, and put it on my blog, with all the pictures, but only if you allow me! This can be really fun as preparing to Christmas!

  4. No problem Eszter! Go right ahead!