Tuesday, February 1, 2011

You Win... Special Snack!

Yay! I won!!! Yesterday I got a present in the mail from Luna and Larry, the maker's of Coconut Bliss. I had submitted a post, Cocowhat?, to their "Share Your Bliss" contest in November last year and... victory! Okay so I'm pretty sure a large group of people were chosen, possibly every single person who entered, regardless of quality, but I am going to pretend that I am special.

Yay! I'm special!!! What does it feel like to be a winner? Well when I was a little girl I won a coloring contest with a rec center and I colored that Easter bunny so good it was like he was ALIVE, which was possibly the only time I had ever been acknowledged for my amazing skills. Until now! So, both these experiences taken into consideration, victory feels like awesome in a tub of ice-cream made from coconut milk... 

Moving on from my little ego burst there, it's been quite a few years since I received a present in the mail. Those of you who use eBay can't really compare unless you can psyche yourself out to the point that when you actually receive your eBay purchase in the mail you are just as surprised as if you didn't know you not only ordered that exact item yourself, but clicked "Buy now" and passed the whole auction process. If you had actually placed a bid then getting your item in the mail would kind of be like getting a prize. But by clicking "Buy now" you win by default, which is a lot like cheating. Let me put it this way, it's as if you bought the first place trophy of a race while the rest of the contestants stood there cursing your name. It brings a whole new perspective to eBay doesn't it? Well, I received my victory prize present in the mail and felt almost as elated as winning the coloring contest for Easter, although I probably put more time and effort into the picture than that post, but that isn't the point. The point is that I was victorious. There is something about getting a present in the mail that makes you feel like a little kid. A mysterious package containing endless possibilities, with your name on it. It is not just any package, it is for you and only you can open it. And think of all those things you can do with that cardboard box? Like reuse it for a birthday present... Exciting stuff.

Random handmade pottery bowl
I know you're dying to ask: what does a victory prize look like? It looks a lot like an official water bottle and shopping bag with the Coconut Bliss insignia on it, a random handmade pottery bowl - not a legitimate size bowl, but probably big enough for the kind of small serving of ice cream that polite society eats. I got some great toppings for my ice cream: a bottle of specialty chocolate syrup with a confusing label on the front featuring a muscular geeky angel, "cocoa bits" (too bad I'm allergic to cocoa, cruel of them not to ask) and a bag of specialty granola. On top of that I got some bags of air that make a fantastically loud popping noise when you jump on them which my dog despises as well as a satisfying sheet of bubble wrap. And, most importantly, free coupons for 13 pints of Coconut Bliss. That is a lot of bliss. I'd like to think
Ripped angel geek
that the number of coupons they gave me was carefully chosen, but I'm pretty sure they just stuck a handful in there, especially since some of them look like new versions and some like the older ones. Probably they happened to have some extras lying around and had a moment of extreme generosity. Well, I would like to take this moment to thank them for their generosity. I would also like to take this moment to curse them for the fifty pounds I will be gaining very soon in the future.

My favorite part of the victory prize? A post-it note that says, "You win.... Special Snack! (Smoothie, or something)." Really? I win special snack? So is this on top of the ice cream and toppings? I highly doubt Luna is going to take me out for a smoothie... or something, and if Larry did, Luna would probably have something to say about it. But I appreciate the sentiment. They must mean with coconut milk not cow's milk, or that would be a serious betrayal to the vegan community. However, as this is supposed to be my victory prize and the Coconut Bliss people seem quite friendly, I think it is the former. Maybe this post-it note was supposed to be a joke or not actually supposed to be put in the box. Maybe it got stuck on someone's clothes and accidentally fell in just before they closed it up. Either way, I consider it part of my prize. I earned that post-it note! (Not the smoothie, just the note).

You win special snack! Smoothie or something.
Now I've only got to have my tasting party. There are ten flavors, but I'm most interested in mint galactica, chocolate peanut butter and cherry amaretto. I was thinking about inviting a ton of people, but if I only invite 13 people, then we could potentially have a pint of ice cream each and then all get sick together and throw up in a communal bowl. Of course for maximum Coconut Bliss experience, we would have to share the different flavors, and I would get to choose which one I liked best and everyone else could fight over there's. Sounds like a party! Then again, the only reason I bought Coconut Bliss in the first place was because I'm allergic to dairy, so how many people will really appreciate it unless they don't like or are allergic to dairy too? This party is suddenly becoming smaller and smaller. I could just invite my vegetarian friends but even they still eat dairy, so they aren't worthy (I still eat dairy too, even though I'm allergic to it, but I am not the one on trial here). It looks like I'll be inviting my one vegan friend. I actually don't even know if I have any vegan friends. Great, now I've got to eat all 13 pints myself. Sometimes you've just got to take one for the team.

My special bags of air, in case I am in outer space and need some extra oxygen.


  1. Hi Faith,
    This post is great, thanks for sharing your box with the world and reminding us that people have other food issues beyond soy & diary. We'll be sure to ask about all food allergies when sending out kits in the future.

    I'll have to ask about your special note, I know who the hand writing belongs to but he's not here today. Were there by chance extra coupons attached to it? I'll admit the kits were not supposed to have 13 pints in them :)

    As for the tasting party that would be a rough one to take for the team, I'm sure you'll find a few able & willing volunteers :)
    I say invite them all! You don't need to have special dietary issues to enjoy Coconut Bliss, we're a delicious treat even if you can do dairy, soy, and aren't vegan.
    Have a great time,
    Kiley @ Coconut Bliss

    PS-you are special, there were only a limited number of kits sent out :)

  2. Thanks Kiley! Let me know about that note. I'm too curious now.