Friday, November 26, 2010

Current Events

...are highly overrated. Why do I care what's going on in the world? Unless it is going to effect me in a personal, in your face way, I'd rather live in ignorance. Like I tell my family when I go down for a nap, on no accord may you wake me unless there is either a fire or a massive earthquake. If it's fire, I will probably wake up anyway from the blaring fire alarm, and if the fire is so bad there is no way out and I'm going to die anyway, I'd rather fall into a smoke inhaled coma than be conscious when I burst into flames, unless something phoenix-like happened. But I'm not sure phoenix rebirth would be worth it because then I would become a baby again and though there are a lot of benefits to being a baby there is also a lot of humiliation involved. As for a massive earthquake, like the one we are all going to die from when Vancouver Island sinks on August 21st, 2017 (educated guess, and yes, "we all" is a very puny percentage of people who live on the island), just because Y2K didn't work out quite as expected doesn't mean we are safe, fortunately the quaking of the earth often acts as is its own wake up call and it is unlikely that you will be able to go wake someone up from a nap and find a door frame to stand under in 0.5 seconds anyway. So you see, it's the same with current events. It's never worth worrying about fires or earthquakes (FYI kids, I am actually a huge enthusiast for disaster preparedness), current events are better to know about only when they set your house on fire with their immediacy or knock you over the head with their do or die mentality.

If you thought the above points were good ones, immediately visit your local psychologist.
And/or watch that channel on TV that always has the World Vision children on it, cry a little, realize that you are not more important than all the other people suffering in the world and that if you are reading this you have the resources, time, money and precious opportunities that most people in the world will never have to make it a better place, then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Now, I'm not great at this either, but I wan to be better and that has got to count for something or I'm screwed. I have this inner battle: part of me wants to be educated and active and the other part wants to be a hermit and not have to care. The problem is that I do care. Not only that, I'm expected and commanded to care by God and He is the one I'll have to stand before and be unable to make lousy excuses - the one and only time I will be speechless. Ignorance is never  acceptable - and I'm not talking about the kind of ignorance that comes of shielding yourself from harmful things or the ignorance of disadvantaged people living in utter poverty - the only way you could get away with ignorance were if you were a robot with no heart and lived on an isolated island (Vancouver Island doesn't count) where you will eventually shrivel up from loneliness because the idea of other people actually existing is only a happy dream that you will never have. Some people may not think they have the time or the money, but they are usually lying (I do it all the time). And we all know what happens to liars. They go to Nanaimo! Seriously though, most of us have things we just aren't willing to give up. I know I do. I have thousands. My marble collection, toast, Burt's Bees chapstick. I could go on.

Here are some awesome websites that can get you actively making a difference and staying educated on things that do affect you, whether you know it or not, and that can help you turn the negative effect they already have on you into a positive one, by making a difference. It's just ridiculous not to. If we don't it is 95.7% likely that robots will take over the planet. It's a fact.
  1. Home of Hope
  2. World Vision Education and Justice
  3. Care 2 Causes 
  4. Environmental Defence
  5. International Fund for Animal Welfare
  6. Doctors Without Borders


  1. Feel free to give me suggestions of other good websites I should add.

  2. This was interesting, i can dig it. I know i can be pretty cynical, but i definitely can appreciate people who devote a lot of time and effort into helping others, and its something i hope to improve on, especially once i make my first million...